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By default we don't enable TLS/SSL features since this project is often run on an intranet, locally, or in testing environments. If security is a concern of yours, and it should be, you will need to enable TLS/SSL on your reverse proxy and setup a certificate there. For an easy TLS enabled reverse proxy check out Caddy.

You will need to configure two settings when you use TLS/SSL on this project. The first is to force TLS/SSL when people visit your site and the second is to make sure that Django REST framework returns corrected URLs behind a reverse proxy. These can be added to timestrap/settings/ anywhere:



Email configuration options are available from the Timestrap admin on a per-site basis. These settings must be supplied to support features such as password reset. To access the settings, navigate to /admin/sites/site/ and select the site to modify.

Email Docker

You can configure email by setting environmental variables in the docker-compose config for web. These would be:

  • EMAIL_PORT defaults to port 25
  • EMAIL_USE_TLS defaults to False, you can set this to True

These would go where the SECRET_KEY environmental variable is set

Time and Date Localization

Language and timezone settings are available on a per-site basis in the site configuration area (/admin/sites/site/). Timestrap uses Moment.js on the frontend so localization will be applied to all dates based on these settings. We'd like to eventually have localization of everything.