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Timestrap takes advantage of Django's "sites" framework to support running multiple Timestrap "sites" from a single instance of the application. This an optional enhancement, and the base Timestrap application will work fine as a single site without any advanced configuration.

Single Site

Out of the box, Timestrap is a single site using the fake domain time.strap and name Timestrap. Both the name and the domain name are configurable on the admin.

Any domain will fall back to the default site, but it is recommended to at least set the site domain setting be updated to match the actual site domain since emails will use this domain when sending.

Multiple Sites

Timestrap supports setting up multiple sites with configurations options available on a per-site basis. This functionality may be useful if, for example, there is a need to separate departments or functional teams within a larger group of organization.

Sites can be managed by any user with admin access and appropriate permissions: either superuser or the various site and conf permissions. Sites are based on domain and use two primary settings, domain and name in addition to the various configuration options available.

Data Sharing

All Timestrap data will be related to either one or multiple sites.

  • Clients and Tasks can be related to multiple sites.
  • Entries can be related to a single site.

Data with a single-site relationship will automatically be related to the site it was entered on. This settings can be changed from the admin site.

Currently, multiple site relationships can only be controlled from the admin site. To use a Client or Task on multiple sites, it must be added to one site and then modified in the admin site to be related to additional sites.

Example: Big Project Builders, Inc.

Big Project Builders, Inc. (BPB) uses Timestrap to keep track of its progress for various projects & clients. However, with many different teams a single Timestrap instance would have a lot of data and it may come difficulty for individual employees to keep track of progress. So BPB decides to break the instance in to multiple sites -

  • is the primary instance site, where admin superusers add the Clients and Projects that BPB is working on.
  • is used by BPB's designers to assign and track graphics and design work for projects.
  • is used by BPB's developers to assign and track project development.
  • is used bu BPB's testing team to record time spent executing and reporting on project tests.